dansby vogler music - "Simply the best singer I have ever known."
My Top 41...
This list will give you an idea about what I play and what I like to play. Here are the songs I'm working on right now:
  • 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
  • Drift Away
  • Against The Wind
  • Slip Sliding Away
  • Pass-a-Grille (original)
  • Spanish Red (original)
  • Good Things Take Time (original)
  • Chlorine (original)
  • Riding the Storm Out
  • The Weight
  • Red Red Wine
  • Hangin' On The Edge (original)
  • Iced Tea and Sympathy (original)
  • Every Time I Roll the Dice
  • Easily Said Hardly Done (original)
  • Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
  • Poor Boy
  • Margarita Rita (original)
  • Vera Cruz (original)
  • Hangin' On The Edge (original)
  • London Homesick Blues
  • The Back of Your Hand
  • Pike Street (original--playable on this site)
  • Winfield Morning (original--winner at the Winfield Song Show)
  • Working Musician (original)
  • Last One Leaving Red Rock (original)
  • The Long Way Home
  • Walk Away
  • Nyquil Blues
  • Deep Heart (original)
  • City of Immigrants
  • Roxanne (adaptation)
  • Working Musician (original--playable on this site)
  • Sultans of Swing (adaptation--playable on this site)
  • World Turning (adaptation)
  • Knife and Gun (original)
  • Rosetta Stone (original)
  • 1000 Miles From Nowhere
  • Guitar Town
  • Runaway
  • Into the Mystic
  • "You pick songs that nobody else plays. I haven't heard those in years--you were just great!" I'll keep diggin' for the songs that we all like, but haven't heard in a while...thanks!
  • I've heard 'em all, from San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City, and you--you're one of the best." Wow--thanks!
  • "That lady over there? You got her dancing, and I've never seen her dance before!" -That's 'cause I was dancin' too--thanks! 
  • "How do you sound like Willie Nelson, Bill Withers, Hank Williams and yourself, too?" My voice is just oil and rubber, I guess--thanks
  • "You have a beautiful voice". So many thanks...
  • "The sound was the best we've ever had here". Sound is very important to me--that's why I bring all my own equipment. Thanks for noticing...
  • Please come back." I will, darlin', thanks...
  • "I'm hearing great things about your music." Again, many thanks...
  • "So many great memories." Music is a higher form of communication. If I brought back memories for you, then I did my job, thanks.
Later On,
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