dansby vogler music - "Simply the best singer I have ever known."
My Top 50...
This list will give you an idea what I play and like to play. Here are the songs I'm working on right now:
  1. Georgia On My Mind
  2. Rails (original)
  3. I Fought the Law
  4. Blue Suede Shoes
  5. Pass-a-Grille (original)
  6. Spanish Red (original)
  7. Good Things Take Time (original)
  8. Chlorine (original)
  9. Bad, Bad, LeRoy Brown
  10. The Weight
  11. Sixteen Tons
  12. Whiskey Drinkin' Women (original)
  13. Iced Tea and Sympathy (original)
  14. Good Night, Irene
  15. Easily Said Hardly Done (original)
  16. Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
  17. Act Naturally
  18. Margarita Rita (original)
  19. Vera Cruz (original)
  20. Hangin' On The Edge (original)
  21. Don't Be Cruel
  22. Dream Lover
  23. Pike Street (original--playable on this site)
  24. Winfield Morning (original--winner at the Winfield Song Show)
  25. Working Musician (original)
  26. Last One Leaving Red Rock (original)
  27. His Latest Flame
  28. Seventh Son
  29. Nyquil Blues
  30. Deep Heart (original)
  31. This Perfect Night (original)
  32. Roxanne (adaptation)
  33. Working Musician (original--playable on this site)
  34. Sultans of Swing (adaptation--playable on this site)
  35. World Turning (adaptation)
  36. Times Like These
  37. Rosetta Stone (original)
  38. 1000 Miles From Nowhere
  39. Guitar Town
  40. Runaway
  41. Gone, Baby Gone (original)
  42. Keep Movin' (original)
  43. Sumpin' On the Side (original)
  44. Hey, Good Lookin'
  45. Paper Moon
  46. Hard Livin' (original)
  47. Ophelia
  48. Will The Circle Be Unbroken?
  49. California Stars
  • "You pick songs that nobody else plays. I haven't heard those in years--you were just great!" I'll keep diggin' for the songs that we all like, but you haven't heard in a while...thanks!
  • I've heard 'em all, from San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City, and you--you're one of the best." Wow--thanks!
  • "That lady over there? You got her dancing, and I've never seen her dance before!" -That's 'cause I was dancin' too--thanks! 
  • "How do you sound like Willie Nelson, Bill Withers, Hank Williams and yourself, too?" My voice is just oil and rubber, I guess--thanks!
  • "You have a beautiful voice". So many thanks...
  • "The sound was the best we've ever had here". Sound is very important to me--that's why I bring all my own equipment. Thanks for noticing...
  • Please come back." I will, darlin', thanks...
  • "I'm hearing great things about your music." Again, many thanks...
  • "So many great memories." Music is a higher form of communication. If I brought back memories for you, then I did my job, thanks.
Later On,
(c)Dansby Vogler
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