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Sultans of Swing
Late Bloomer/Dansby Vogler
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What is "Americanacoustic?"
Keepin' it simple, "Americanacoustic" is music with the corners rounded off--the edges smoothed out--the loud turned down to medium--at least most of the time. It's somewhere between unplugged and unamplified, if you get the meaning...
A fancy chef would probably call it "de-constructed". It's music taken back to its best parts--chords, notes, good singing, harmony and a great message.
Check out my version of "Sultans of Swing" above...that's sorta what Americanacoustic music is all about.
Sometimes maybe less is more...
I hope you hear some Americanacoustic in my music. If you do, email me at dansbymusic@gmail.com and let me know... 
(c)Dansby Vogler
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